Transportation & Community Outreach Stratagist * Small Business Branding & Identity * Marketing * Website * Social Media, Logo & Graphic Design   

Carole Ward Allen, CEO of CWA Partners, recently opened an office in 
Atlanta GA. 

CWA Partners, LLC consists of a diverse team of highly qualified professionals with years of experience in the services offered.     

"We aim to please our clients who rely on us for our expertise,  seamless customer service, and cost effectiveness."

CWA Partners is a woman owned business enterprise. in 2010,  Dr. Carole Ward Allen created transportation consulting team after collaboration with a team of professionals with expertise in creating Transit Oriented Development (TOD) projects. As a   Strong advocate for community outreach, and years of experience working in transportation, community colleges as well as working in Bay Area all of her life, she decided it was time utilize these skills productively to create and build legendary projects for future generations. CWA Partners motto is "transportation communities matter." Dr. Ward Allen says, we must hear the voices of the people and have their input on the front end of  public transportation projects to ensure resolve issue in timely manner. "This will result in costs savings and a win-win for everyone."

CWA Partners believe "Transportation Communities Matter."      

List of our services Include

(1) Community Outreach Strategies      
(2) Transportation Marketing
(3) Small Business Branding &  Imaging
(4) Website & Social Media Development
(5) Graphic Design
(6) Logo Design 
(7) Workshop Development
(8) Slide and Video Presentations 
(9) Press Release/ Advertisement            
(10) Branding & Identity
(11) Digital Technology Assistance
... and more.

Email Addresses: 

CWA Partners offices in Atlanta GA. and Oakland CA. 

Ward Allen says,"All of my  experiences have prepared me for my life's work in both transportation and education. My passion is working with people to make our cities better places for future generations."