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Sid Le Protti's 

"So Different Ragtime Band"          Performed in      1915.

From 1920 -1950's West Oakland's famous 7th Street Corridor was also known as "The Harlem of the West." As Oakland's African American population  gradually increased in West Oakland during this time, becoming the transportation hub of the East bay, the Blues and Jazz scene gained prominence producing many well known entertainers and drawing superstars in Blues and Jazz such as Aretha Franklin, Muddy Waters, Billy Holiday, and many others. 

To assure community and cultural features guide the project, CWA Partners was hired to reach out to local stakeholders with historical and personal knowledge to make this vision become a reality.




An exceptional team assembled by China Harbour (CHEC), combines an experienced group of professionals specifically tailored to develop a successful public private partnership project of the West Oakland BART Station. All of the team understands the significance of this project being a revitalization opportunity for the West Oakland District not just economically but also culturally. 

CWA Partners LLC, was selected by the CHEC project management team to be the liaison to the City, BART and the West Oakland Community stakeholders.

Dr. Carole Ward Allen, CEO of CWA Partners, LLC, has a distinguished and reputable career in transportation and community service in the Bay Area as a business, political and community specialist with decades of experience working in Oakland and West Oakland community, as well as the BART and Port of Oakland Organizations in policy making and business management organization. Ward Allen is known to voice strong advocacy for women, minorities and women business enterprises. 


Ward Allen grew up in West Oakland where her father owned several businesses including restaurant/bar on the 7th Street Corridor, also referred to as  the "Blues Capital of the West." Six generations of her family lived in Oakland and she fully understands the historical importance of maintaining  its rich cultural history and diversity of the West Oakland community. 

Although we anticipate challenges in the development of the West Oakland site the CHEC Team with the assistance of CWA Partners,LLC also see many opportunities.